Nail fungus can be difficult to treat, over the counter treatments and remedies may not always be enough. Laser is the most effect treatment in banishing fungal nail, using light based energy to treat the infection at the very core.

Our nail fungal laser treatment works by targeting the source of the infection using heat under the nail plate. The light energy specifically targets the infection - un-harming any healthy nail.

This FDA cleared laser treatment can be used to treat single nails or multiple nails on the hands and feet.

In addition to killing the infection and fungus our IPL based laser heats up the nail tissue without destroying it, kickstarting the body’s natural healing process which in turn will steadily heal the nail and surrounding skin.

Fungal Nail Removal with Laser

During the treatment you may feel some warming and snapping sensations on your nail as the laser is applied in short bursts.

You can enjoy almost immediate results after just one treatment, you will notice less yellowing and improved skin and nail texture. In most instances you will require 5 to 7 sessions, but each session is very short and there is no downtime allowing you to carry on with your daily activities immediately after.

Fungal Toe Nail removal with Laser at The Door w4

Our Laser Specialists

Zorica Walsh

Zorica Walsh

Zorica has been a qualified beauty therapist for over 20 years and has a real passion for the industry. Her years of expertise brings a refreshing fountain of knowledge to The Door and will always provide reassurance and wisdom to her clients. Zorica takes real pride in helping clients achieve desired results. Having personally had the treatment herself she is more than happy to discuss her results with you.

Corina Sava

Corina Sava

Corina is a highly experienced, full-time Laser and Coolsculpting Specialist at The Door W4 and has worked in the laser industry for many years, becoming an expert in this field. Corina’s main priorities are to provide an excellent service for all her clients, taking them on a journey to achieve the very best results. She is dedicated in continuing her development in the industry by taking extra courses and continuing with further education in the medical field.


£70 per nail

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