Why get Laser Tattoo Removal?

Tattoo removal can be very rewarding if you have been dealing with a tattoo that you no longer want or regret having. We can even help to reduce tattoos if you are planning a cover up. Tattoos are a very common thing for people nowadays, whether you have 1 or 2 small tattoos or whether you have many larger tattoos. Over time, fashions and trends change and you may realise that you are no longer as fond of a tattoo as you once were. Lots of people consider having a cover up tattoo, however when visiting a tattoo artist, you may be told that it is not possible to have a cover up because the existing tattoo is too dark or too big. We can lighten your tattoo so that you are able to get the cover up that you want.

How is the Harmony XL Pro Laser Tattoo Removal treatment so effective?

The first lasers used for tattoo removal were in the late 80’s and were argon & Carbon Dioxide lasers. They were ablative lasers and removed successive layers of skin to expose the pigment which would then be vaporised by the laser. However, because there was no colour selective light absorption, thermal damage occurred in the surrounding skin as well which would lead to hypo/hyperpigmentation and scar formation. Therefore, long pulsed and IPL lasers are unsuitable for tattoo removal.

The Harmony XL Pro machine uses the Clearlift handpiece with various tip attachments that go to different depths in the skin (3mm, 5mm and KTP). It uses a Q- switched Nd-Yag laser which is made to specifically target different colours and wavelengths. When the laser energy is applied to the pigment for the right amount of time, with the correct wavelength, the pigment is targeted. The surrounding skin is left unharmed and not effected by the laser treatment. A lot of machines can only target certain wavelengths, can only effectively treat black or dark coloured ink or are ineffective at treating variants of red.

Sometimes different lasers are needed to treat difficult pigment colours such as red, orange and green. This is what makes Harmony XL Pro Tattoo removal so unique, as it uses one handpiece with different applicator tips to target different colours and can also treat those more difficult pigments. Alma Q- switched ND – Yag has double the power of other q- switched lasers, so potentially fewer sessions are needed which is much more cost effective than other lasers out there.

How does Laser Tattoo Removal work?

Tattoo pigment particles are trapped by collagen in the Dermis and are too large to be dissipated naturally. You may have noticed tattoos that you have had for a long time start to fade or lose their colour. Your body sees tattoo pigment as a foreign substance and will try to break it down, hence why fading, patchiness and colour change can occur. However as the pigment particles are too large it isn’t usually very effective. The main aim of laser tattoo removal is to break down these pigment particles so that your body is more effective at removing the tattoo. during a Clearlift laser tattoo removal treatment, your therapist will choose an appropriate tip for the hand-piece and then cleanse the area to be worked on.

When the laser is applied to the tattooed area the pigmented particles absorb the laser energy. This shatters the pigment particles into smaller pieces. Some ink particles can be expelled from the skin in the form of crusts.

Most smaller particles are dispersed in the body through our lymphatic and vascular systems. As your body works to get rid of the pigment, you will start to see fading and areas of patchiness. The tattoo fades over 4-8 weeks and in some cases, can even be left for a longer amount of time and fading will still occur.

How many treatments will I need?

A series of 6 or more treatments is needed for optimal results. Depending on the colour of the tattoo, how recent it is and the depth that the ink sits in the skin, this will affect how many treatments you may need.

What does Laser Tattoo Removal feel like?

Tattoo removal can be painful however it is a very quick treatment. We usually say that if you were able to have a tattoo, you will be able to handle tattoo removal. A medium or large tattoo can be treated in a matter of minutes.

During treatment, you will feel a hot zapping sensation which will only last while the area is being treated. This can be likened to the sensation of a hot elastic band being snapped against the skin. There may be some heat in the area after being treated but this will dissipate quickly. In your first few sessions, there will be some frosting.

Each treatment becomes less painful as we break down the pigment.

What happens after my Laser Tattoo Removal treatment?

You may get some blistering, scabbing and heat in the area for a while after treatment.

Although this may look worrying it is a normal part of tattoo removal and will go. They are a normal response and are a good sign that your body’s natural healing response is working well! Dry or paraffin Gauze dressing may be used to cover the area if needed but this is mainly to keep the area safe from clothes rubbing against the area. You should let the area heal and avoid touching it.

What is 'frosting'?

This happens when the cells holding the ink pigment rupture, water is released from the skin and comes up to the surface which causes the frosting. This is temporary and can be wiped away gently after treatment. It does not affect your treatment nor is it necessary to have frosting for the treatment to be effective.

I'm interested in Laser Tattoo Removal, what are my first steps?

The first thing you will need to do is pop in to The Door for a free consultation and a patch test. Every laser treatment requires a patch test. This consultation gives us a chance to answer any questions you may have and see whether you are suitable for treatment.

Why Laser Tattoo Removal at The Door W4?

The Door W4 uses The Harmony XL Pro platform for Laser Tattoo Removal. The machine (Q-switched Nd-Yag laser) is made to specifically target an array of colours using different wavelengths, unlike others.

What makes Harmony XL Pro Tattoo removal so unique, is that it uses one hand-piece with different applicator tips to target different colours including more difficult pigments such as red, orange and green. This laser has double the power of other Q- switched lasers, so potentially fewer sessions are needed for cost effectiveness.

Laser Tattoo Removal at The Door W4

Our Laser Specialists

Zorica Walsh

Zorica Walsh

Zorica has been a qualified beauty therapist for over 20 years and has a real passion for the industry. Her years of expertise brings a refreshing fountain of knowledge to The Door and will always provide reassurance and wisdom to her clients. Zorica takes real pride in helping clients achieve desired results. Having personally had the treatment herself she is more than happy to discuss her results with you.

Corina Sava

Corina Sava

Corina is a highly experienced, full-time Laser and Coolsculpting Specialist at The Door W4 and has worked in the laser industry for many years, becoming an expert in this field. Corina’s main priorities are to provide an excellent service for all her clients, taking them on a journey to achieve the very best results. She is dedicated in continuing her development in the industry by taking extra courses and continuing with further education in the medical field.

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Small (1-3cm x 1-3cm) Single Treatment £75

Medium (4-8cm x 4-8cm) Single Treatment £100

Large (9-15cm x 9-15cm) Single Treatment £175

Extra Large (16-20cm x 16-20cm) Single Treatment £280

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