With age, the length of space between the nose and the lip lengthens, this can result in an ageing appearance and can not always be resolved through the use of dermal fillers alone.

Benefits of Surgical Lip Lift

  • Lifts drooping or sagging lips for a more lifted, youthful appearance
  • Can improve facial and smile symmetry by evening out the lift throughout the lips
  • Improved overall lip shape 
  • Lips are left looking fuller and more plump

How does it work?

A “bullhorn” incision is made underneath the nose, where a small amount of skin is removed and the upper lip is lifted, reducing the space between the lip and the nose. The procedure is done under local anaesthetic and takes around an hour to complete.  

It is normal for the area to be swollen following the procedure and for some mild discomfort to be felt. Other side effects can include bruising, scarring and bleeding (although these are rare). Your practitioner will advise you on appropriate aftercare and preparation. 

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