Price List

We set out to create a single-destination Dental Studio, with the latest diagnostic and treatment equipment on-site. We believe that patients should be examined with less discomfort, diagnosed efficiently, and treated quickly and precisely.

Dental Studio at The Door W4 offers a full oral health and hygiene service in an exquisite boutique location, right in the heart of Chiswick, West London.

Please note - "starting from" prices are indicative, and overall treatment plan costs are established on a case by case basis.


New Patient Exam


Exam, Scale & Polish


Assessments & Advice


Radiographs and Imaging

Individually Priced

Cosmetic Treatment Plan


Periodontal (Gums) and Preventative

Hygiene Essentials: Everyday deep clean with gentle Airflow technology

Hygiene Plus: Suitable for patients with early signs of gum disease, or those that require more advanced care 

Hygiene Ultra: Advanced treatment, suitable for patients with diagnosed gum disease or perio-implantitis

Hygiene Essentials


Hygiene Plus


Hygiene Ultra



White Filling

starting from £160

Composite Veneer

starting from £400

Temporary Filling

starting from £170

Inlay / Inlay in Porcelain or Gold

starting from £1100

Porcelain Veneer

starting from £1200

Crown (Porcelain/ Emax/ Zirconia/ Gold / Metal)

starting from £1100

Crown Repair

starting from £230

Oral Surgery

Root Canal Treatment

starting from £650

Tooth Extraction

starting from £210

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

starting from £450

Apicectomy/Periradicular Surgery

starting from £600

Implants, Clear Aligners and Braces

Implant Consultation

starting from £190


starting from £3500

Orthodontic Assessment/Review/Exam

starting from £190

Orthodontic Review

starting from £170

Clear Aligners / Invisalign

starting from £3500

Fixed Braces

starting from £3500

Teeth Whitening

In Surgery Teeth Whitening


Home Teeth Whitening


Other Treatments

Teeth Grinding Treatment


Mouth Guard


Sports Mouthguard