• Do you wee when you laugh or sneeze, or need to carefully plan rest stops on long journeys?

  • Do you have urinary leakage but are unsure how to manage this embarrassing situation?

  • Do you feel discomfort during intimate moments, impacting sexual well-being?

  • Do you have discomfort and other symptoms following childbirth that you've been told are untreatable?

Dr Sarah Jenkins at The Door W4

Postnatal pelvic health issues are treatable.

We have the solutions, with the very latest technology and treatments available, delivered by highly experienced doctors.

At The Door W4, we recognise the physical changes that come with motherhood. Our approach is empathetic and tailored to your unique needs, focusing on restoring your comfort and confidence.

Meet Dr. Sarah Jenkins

With over 10 years of experience as an NHS doctor, Dr. Sarah Jenkins offers expert guidance and treatment for women’s health, including postnatal support and pelvic health. Drawing on both professional and personal experience, Dr. Jenkins is one of the UK's leading experts on women's intimate radiofrequency treatments, and is a global master trainer for Inmode. She is one of a handful of experts in the UK offering solutions for this rapidly growing niche area of medical care for women. 

Global Master Trainer in Women's Health Treatments for Inmode
Key opinion leader for DermaFocus Newgyn 
Experience as a GP, and Surgical Specialities including General Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Urology before specialising in Women's Pelvic Intimate Health.
Dr Sarah Jenkins

Dr. Sarah's Specialist Postnatal Treatments Include:

To improve the symptoms of stress, urge, and mixed urinary incontinence. It is a highly effective, safe, and painless non-invasive procedure. It can also treat recurrent thrush, urinary tract infections and more.

An injectable treatment where patients can see more than a 50% improvement in symptoms of vaginal dryness, itching, pain and tingling in just 90 days. It has been used in Italy for over 25 years, and Dr. Sarah Jenkins was chosen by DermaFocus to be a Key Opinion Leader for it's UK launch in November 2023. 

To improve vaginal Dryness, Lichen Sclerosus, Urinary Incontinence, Vaginal Atrophy, Low Libido and more.

  • Non –Surgical Vulvar Rejuvenation with Laser and Radiofrequency Technologies
  • Non-Surgical Laser and Radiofrequency Technologies for Vaginal Rejuvenation and Treatment of Stress Urine Incontinence
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) application into Vulvo-Vaginal tissues
  • Non-Surgical Laser Vulvar skin Tightening
  • Laser Vulvar skin Bleaching
  • Labia Majora Augmentation by Fillers
  • Botulinium toxin application for the dyspareunia treatment
  • G -Spot® Amplification with G-Shot® technique
  • PRP and HA application therapy for vaginal dryness

Patient Stories

Gina's Post Childbirth Transformation

Gina's Post Childbirth Transformation

Gina Sigobodhla’s story delves into the impact of childbirth, loss and the subsequent challenges of intimate health. Before her treatment, Gina felt "If there’s one thing I could change in my life, it’s my vagina. Since having children I’m no longer the same person" - a sentiment shared by many women. Gina was treated with VTone, Morpheus8V and Aviva by the EmpowerRF platform with Dr. Sarah. Read about her experience.

Navigating Symptoms of Childbirth & Premature Ovarian Insufficiency

Navigating Symptoms of Childbirth & Premature Ovarian Insufficiency

Natalie, a 44-year-old mother of four, struggled navigating intimate health challenges stemming from childbirth and premature ovarian insufficiency. "Childbirth and my experience of premature ovarian insufficiency at the age of 39 triggered vaginal dryness, itching, soreness during sex, decreased lubrication." Post-treatment, Natalie boasts a noticeable improvement in bladder urgency and. better sleep.

Rosie's Untreated Childbirth Injury

Rosie's Untreated Childbirth Injury

In 2013, a challenging childbirth left Rosie with a torn labia minora which went untreated after delivery. What followed was a journey marked by pain, dismissals, and a significant impact on her confidence. Dr. Sarah Jenkins was recommended to her by a friend, so Rosie booked a consultation with Dr. Jenkins and they agreed on a treatment to try: Aviva.

Many of our patients have suffered in silence for years before they come and see us.

Book in to find out whether your symptoms are treatable, and how we can improve your quality of life.

The Door W4: A Female Led Clinic for Unparalleled Support

Our practice manager, assistant practice manager and clinical director are all women, meaning your needs are taken care of at every step by a team that fully understands you.

  • Fully CQC registered clinic for peace of mind
  • Our patient-led approach offers ample time between consultations, with opportunities to consider all treatment options carefully at every stage
  • Industry-leading doctors and practitioners for health, wellbeing, aesthetics and dentistry - all under one roof
  • Chaperones available

This beautiful clinic is hidden away moments from Chiswick High Road, with private parking, discreet access and unbeatable ambience.

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How much does this all cost?

Your initial consultation will always be free. We are here to give you expert guidance and support, with no obligation to book any of the treatments we discuss.

Womens Health Clinic Consultation

Urinary Leakage is Not Normal: We've Been Gaslighted For Years

Dr Sarah Jenkins at Pause Live

Dr Sarah Jenkins at Pause Live! spreading awareness on women's health issues and how intimate conditions such as urinary incontinence is not normal but also very treatable.

"We've been gaslighted by a male medical society for years"

Dr Sarah uses the EmpowerRF platform by InMode aesthetics to treat women's functional and aesthetic intimate health concerns as "the studies are there. In the States, they've been using this for over 10 years now, they've done the research."

Let's talk about the 'L' word. If you have leakage, which one of the below best describes your symptoms?

Incontinence is the umbrella term for a group of symptoms you may be experiencing.

Urge Incontinence

Stress incontinence occurs when physical movements or activities like coughing, sneezing, laughing, or exercise put pressure on your bladder, leading to involuntary urine leakage. It's often caused by weakened pelvic floor muscles or a weakened urethral sphincter, which can result from childbirth, surgery, or ageing. This condition is treatable.

Stress Incontinence

Urge incontinence, also known as overactive bladder, is caused by involuntary bladder muscle contractions, leading to a sudden, intense urge to urinate and potential leakage. Factors include urinary tract infections, bladder irritants, neurological disorders, and ageing.

Mixed - Most Common

Pelvic floor dysfunction can also present as urinary “dribbling” and many women are not aware they are leaking urine and find wet/urine smelling underwear. They are told to wear a pad. This then causes skin irritation like nappy rash, increases risk of urinary infection, thrush, contact dermatitis and worse discomfort.

Have Questions? We're Here to Help. 

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