The collagen stimulating injectable for face or body. Natural collagen can be stimulated in two ways; either to increase fullness and add volume or to create a more youthful appearance. Results last 2-5 years!

The primary component of Lanluma is lactic acid, which has been safely and successfully used in aesthetic medicine for over 30 years.

It acts to volumise certain areas through the stimulation of deep tissue. It is not injected intradermal. Lanluma works within the deep dermis, working to reinforce the structure of the skin.


How does it work?

The aesthetic treatment helps to replace lost collagen, and helps build a foundation that gradually restores the look of fullness of shallow to deep facial wrinkles and folds that have been depleted over time.

The Lanluma® injectable treatment works in a total different way to traditional dermal fillers, as it is a distinctive collagen treatment, which reduces lines, wrinkles and folds in a gradual and subtle way.

Lanluma is a natural product, which can deliver a full face-lifting effect without the need for surgery as it adds volume to specific areas of the face where patients have lost a significant amount of collagen, fat and soft-tissue.

What can Lanluma® treat?

Lanluma® is considered to be the best and most effective treatment for facial atrophy, loss of soft tissue and fat in any part of the body and to restore fat which has been lost due to extrinsic and intrinsic ageing.

Lanluma is used for:

  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Sagging jowls
  • Skin rejuvenation for hands
  • Décolletage wrinkles
  • Hollow cheeks/temples
  • Non-surgical buttock lift


Mr. Vivek Nama

Mr. Vivek Nama

With over 18 years of experience in gynaecology and gynaecological oncology, Mr Vivek Nama is one of the leading experts in his field.

Lanluma® Prices

Lanluma® Face - £750

Lanuma® Bum - £2500

Lanuma® Hand - £500

Frequently Asked Questions

Before any treatment begins, Dr Awfa will talk through what you’d like to achieve in a Consultation. He will look at the areas you’d like to transform, and discuss what’s possible.

Then, if you are happy to go ahead, treatment can proceed then and there. Lanluma® is quick to prepare so it can be injected from the first consultation.

After making you comfortable, Dr Awfa will sterilise the area to be treated, and then apply a local anaesthetic. This makes the treatment virtually painless. They will carefully inject Lanluma where you would like to see results – and that’s it!

You’ll feel fine right after the procedure, though there may be a little redness and swelling for a few hours, so it’s a good idea to plan sessions around social engagements.

It’s really important to massage the treatment area for 10 minutes 2 x a day for two weeks after every treatment session. This is needed for Lanluma to distribute evenly throughout the area, avoiding any lumps, bumps or nodules and creating even, beautiful volume and enhancement.

Clinical studies have repeatedly indicated that the effects of Lanluma treatment could last for up to 2 – 5 years. Patients who have 2-4 sessions of Lanluma treatments with intervals of 3-4 week gap between sessions, demonstrate signs of breaking down the Lanluma at around 9 – 12 months post the course of treatment. 

No, Lanluma works by stimulating collagen, using Poly-L-lactic acid, which is a natural product produced in the muscles.

The side effects of the Lanluma treatment are very rare, especially if the treatment is performed by an experienced aesthetician. The rare side effects include tenderness, redness, bruising and swelling.

One of the very rare side effects of Lanluma treatment is the formation of the small lumps under the skin, however this rare side effect can be eliminated by injecting the Lanluma correctly deep into the skin and followed by a delicate but firm massaging of the treated areas immediately after the injection. Patients should continue massaging the treated areas of the face twice a day for 5 days.

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