2 free Tone treatments with any Coolsculpting® booking 

  • CoolSculpting® ELITE is an FDA cleared, clinically proven non-surgical fat-freezing procedure that gradually reduces the amount of fat permanently to reveal a smoother and more contoured, sculptured body. Our team have over 10 years of hands-on experience with Coolsculpting treatments.

  • Tone is a non-invasive muscle strengthening technology that works by emitting low frequency electrical pulses for electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). EMS induces involuntary muscle contractions to restore abdominal muscle strength without surgery or downtime.

  • Abdomen, legs and arms can be treated. Coolsculpting can also target the neck area
Coolsculpting Elite at The Door W4

How does Tone by Inmode complement a Coolsculpting ELITE treatment?

Stubborn areas of fat can be tricky to shift with diet and exercise alone. Our advanced CoolSculpting treatment is a non-surgical fat removal method that gradually reduces the amount of fat permanently in the problem area to reveal a smoother and more contoured, sculptured body. We believe this compliments our TONE treatment, while CoolSculpting permanently reduces fat, The Tone treatment works on toning and shaping the muscle in the same area whilst tightening the skin, maximising your results.

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Real, long-lasting results!

What is Tone?

Tone by Inmode is an advanced technology that provides a non-invasive muscle toning and sculpting treatment, Inmode TONE uses electrical muscle stimulation to target specific muscle groups and stimulate muscle contractions, which stimulates continuous muscle contractions in the targeted area. Patients choose the Tone treatment to see toned abs, lifted and sculpted buttocks, and more defined arms and legs.

Why do I need it?

It's like doing crunches - without doing crunches. Multiple body areas can be treated, such as arms, buttocks, and abdomen. The treatment is proven safe and suitable to all skin types and is aimed at enhancing the tone and shape of the body without scarring, incisions, or downtime. 

Why is it beneficial?

Safe and Effective: Clinical studies have shown Evolve Tone to be effective in improving muscle tone and strength.

Fast and Convenient: These treatments are quick and easy with noticeable results after just a few treatments.

Tone by Inmode

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