All About Agejet, with Victoria Voysey

All About AgeJet

A Comprehensive Guide to Nitrogen Plasma Skin Rejuvenation in Chiswick

Have you ever dreamt of achieving that elusive glassy skin? Or tightening up those parts of your face that have begun to sag over the years? Brand new AgeJet at The Door W4 seeks to address many common skin concerns, ensuring skin health and vitality.


We Discuss AgeJet with Skin Expert, Victoria Voysey

Victoria Voysey, the Director of Refine Skin Lab, unveils AgeJet, a significant advancement in skincare. She states, “We were the first people to have this specific machine in the UK which is really exciting."


Nitrogen Plasma Therapy in Chiswick

The AgeJet employs nitrogen plasma treatment. Victoria elaborates, “…what we do with Agejet is we use a specific handpiece where we pass radio frequency current, or radio frequency energy, and we deliver it into the skin through pure nitrogen gas. So it just literally puffs it into the skin and it feels very hot, but it's really comfortable. It's not an uncomfortable treatment to have." This method ensures a comfortable experience without the need for numbing creams.


The Mechanism: Controlled Trauma and Collagen Stimulation

The AgeJet technique stimulates collagen and elastin production by inducing a controlled trauma within the skin. Victoria explains, "That energy in the skin is helping to stimulate your collagen and elastin production. It causes a controlled trauma on the skin which really helps to activate your body's natural response mechanism." Over time, this controlled response yields skin improvements.


Multi-faceted Benefits: Tightening and Resurfacing

The AgeJet offers a two-pronged advantage of skin tightening and resurfacing, without the need for more ablative laser treatments. "By increasing that collagen production, you get skin tightening... You also get a resurfacing effect from the treatment. So you get this lovely kind of glowy texture to the skin," remarks Victoria.

Moreover, the treatment is adept at addressing a variety of skin conditions. Beyond addressing epidermal pigmentation, it's also found effective for rosacea, a condition Victoria mentions is "quite difficult to treat."


Treatment Recommendations: Duration and Frequency

A course of treatments maximises the results of AgeJet. As Victoria suggests, "Depending on the skin type, the skin age and the skin health you generally need around two to three treatments... about four to six weeks apart." Post-treatment, there's minimal downtime, but certain skincare products and routines should be halted to ensure best results.


Preparing the Skin: A Comprehensive Approach

Emphasising a complete understanding of the client's skin history before the AgeJet treatment, Victoria recommends prepping with Vitamin C and other specific products. She says, "Especially if you've got things like pigmentation, you really need to prep the skin... I would never just go in straight and do this on a new client. I want to make sure that I know that client's skin, that it's in good health.”

"I wouldn't want anybody using retinols on the skin at least a good few days before, if not a week before. If it was a much stronger retinol, like a Tretinoin, then I would want a bigger gap, about a two week break from it."


Personal Experiences

Adding weight to AgeJet's efficacy, Victoria shares her positive experience, "I had mine four weeks ago, and I absolutely love the results."


Downtime and Aftercare

Victoria describes her experience with the treatment: “So after the treatment you'll be quite red. You'll have these sort of red dots all over the face and the neck area. And then over the next seven days, I generally say to clients it's about seven days of downtime, but it's not bad downtime. I still went to work and you can put makeup on after 24 hours. But over the next few days, that redness will decrease.

Then about day four or five, you'll tend to get some shedding. And by day 10 you're like, ‘wow, my skin looks really glowy.’ And then by the end of that month, You'll be thinking, ‘right, my skin is feeling much tighter, it's looking much smoother. The pores are improved.’ So it really takes a good four weeks to see a good result, but it will continuously improve over the next four to six months because you've generated that new collagen production and it can take that long for it to actually be laid down.”

What we see is that this one-off treatment can have incredible long term benefits.


Conclusion: AgeJet's Role in Skin Rejuvenation

In the intricate domain of skincare, AgeJet represents a methodical, evidence-based approach to skin rejuvenation. For those seeking informed and effective skincare solutions in Chiswick, AgeJet presents a promising option.


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